The Japan Karate-Do Organization, with two convenient locations in San Diego and Carlsbad, teaches authentic Japanese Karate-Do in the Hokushin Shito Ryu International style. The Japan Karate-Do Organization is dedicated to delivering outstanding results to students of all ages, throughout San Diego County. With an unbroken lineage that is over a century old, The Japan Karate-Do Organization represents the best of the Martial Arts World.

We welcome you to learn more about our staff, our Dojo philosophy, and sign up for a free class with no obligation.

The ultimate goal of Japanese Karate is self-defense but practicing the art of Japanese Karate will build your confidence, increase physical strength, build your endurance, add flexibility, increase your cardiovascular fitness, tone your body and decrease stress.

The goals of Academic Achievement and Martial Arts are the same. JKO builds strong individuals both mentally and physically. Our school focuses on Manners, Discipline, Speed, Strength and Strategic Thinking. Karate allows students to improve every aspect of their lives. JKO Karate Do is very well suited for shaping and toning the body, increasing flexibility as well as focusing Academic Study habits.

This program teaches Awareness and Self Confidence. Learn step by step techniques that may save your life as well as preventive and defensive maneuvers and assert control in Life Threatening situations. We teach vital strike points, specific attack responses, grappling, ground fighting and defense against weapons. Sharpen your observational and judgement skills. Learn to be safe from a truly qualified master.